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15 Apr 2017 15 Apr

Twin Caves

15 Apr 2017 15 Apr
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Description, dive plan  and  recommendations.


Twin Caves is a magical dive site composed of two similar but separated caves . Located between capes Platamuni and Bigovo this dive site is only 20 minutes boat driving far from our diving centre.  It is a beginners friendly 40 minute's long dive with a maximum depth of 14 metres . Both caves contain spring of fresh water and both of them are ending with air pockets.

Dive plan

The dive starts with a wall descending and reaching the entrance of bigger cave which is on 14 metres depth. It is  a huge 30m wide hall covered  with a massive stones. Coming into the cave and then following the bottom configuration divers are meeting  steep underwater incline. Zigzagging and exploring  the incline divers ascending  ends into an air pocket . To reach this  huge acoustic space with safe and usable air you have to pass from salty into the spring of fresh water. Layer of fresh water is a bit colder but visibility is endless. Coming out of the cave is an easy task because the exit is visible at any time.

Left turn after exiting and drifting next to the shore walls is the way  to reach the entrance of the second cave . After 5 minutes of swimming, exactly at 9 metres  depth, divers are going to meet a narrow  but high crack integrated into the shore. It is the entrance of our second cave. The second cave  is much smaller than the previous one  but with almost the same terrain  configuration . Dive into this  cave is suitable only for "one diver in row " diving formation. Again  "climbing " the cave walls , meeting a spring of fresh water and surfacing  in a small air pocket . Our dive ends after exiting the second cave and doing a  5 minutes safety stop.


  • Diving into the Twin Caves is permitted for all certified divers.
  • Surface support is required.
  • Maximum depth is 14 m.
  • Water temperature varies between  18°C to 25°C.
  • Sea currents are negligible.
  • Visibility is  ranging between  10 to 30 m.
  • It is recommended to use a wet suit with thickness from  5-7 mm.
  • Use of an underwater lamp is obligatory.


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