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15 Apr 2017 15 Apr

Fisherman Reef

15 Apr 2017 15 Apr
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Description, dive plan and recommendations.


Fisherman Reef dive site is located near Katic and St. Nedjelja Islands just in the front of Petrovac City. The reef has pyramidal shape with sea surface levelled pick which represent a real danger for all participants in marine traffic. Beautiful reef walls with BLUE surrounding are the highlights of Fishermen reef. The spot is reach with underwater  life and likely during your dive you'll meet moray eels, scorpion fish, octopus, different kind of starfish and perhaps few lobsters. Due to presence of fishing nets extra caution for scuba divers is required.

Dive plan

Fisherman Reef dive site is suitable for all certified divers. Although the maximum depth of 35m the reef can be explored also in it's shallow areas. The pick of the reef is very good reference   for all participants. Easily circling around it divers can reach the maximum depth and safely ascend to the starting point. Sea current is gentle and visibility varies from 10-20m. Absolute bottom time is 35 minutes with safety stop included.


•    Fisherman Reef dive site is permitted for all certified divers.
•    Surface support is required.
•    Maximum depth is 35 m.
•    Water temperature varies from 15°C to 25°C.
•    Sea currents are negligible. Visibility is good ranging from 10 to 25 m.
•    It is recommended to use wet suit with thickness from 5-7 mm


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