Montenegro reef diving
15 Apr 2017 15 Apr


15 Apr 2017 15 Apr
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Description , dive plan and recommendations. 


Pyramid dive site is the reef with pyramidal shape and very interesting topography . Dive site highlights are two vertical tunnels plus underwater mine from WW1. Pyramid is located on the outer side of St. Nikola Island and it is only 10 minutes boat driving far from our diving centre. 

Dive Plan

Pyramid is very popular, very dynamic and interesting  dive site for both beginners and more experienced divers. The pick of the reef is levelled with sea surface and it can be used like a reference to reach the bottom and ascend to the starting point of your dive. Both tunnels are with single entrance and exit points and both of them are suitable for "one diver row "diving formation. Underwater mine from WW1 lies on sandy bottom next to the reef and it's  reachable only for AOWD divers due to the maximum depth of 27m. Pyramid is not a marked dive site and it is a bit tricky to find it. Anchoring the boat is obligatory as well as a boat support. Absolute bottom time is 40 minutes with safety stop included.


•    Pyramid dive site is permitted for all certified divers.
•    Surface support is required and it is recommended to mark the dive site with diving buoys.
•    Maximum depth is 27 m.
•    Water temperature varies from 15°C to 25°C.
•    Sea currents are negligible . Visibility is good, ranging from 10 to 25m.
•    It is recommended to use a wet suit  with thickness from 5-7 mm.

montenegro reef diving


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