Try Dry
15 Apr 2017 15 Apr

Try Dry

15 Apr 2017 15 Apr
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What do you get if you combine HALOCLINE - Dry Suit and Cave diving???  

Montenegro is beautiful but challenging place to dive. If you’re a certified diver looking for the next adventure Try Dry is an experience you were looking for. 


We have created diving package combining Dry Suit specialty course with SCUBA boat trip. Fresh cold water into the Twin Caves requires different set of equipment and skills . Learning and mastering Dry Suit  provides you a possibility for a full enjoyment while diving one of the most exciting dive sites in Montenegro.

About this activity


⏱   Duration 8 hours.


🛳   Limited number of SCUBA Divers up to 6 participants. 


🇬🇧   English speaking guide. 


To enrol with Try Dry diving PACKAGE  you have to be at list Open Water certified diver.

Experience highlights 


Try Dry description and schedule 


Purchasing  the package you'll get an immediate access to the eLearning portion of  PADI Dry Suit Diver course and you can start with your knowledge development right away. 


Coming in Montenegro in our diving centre  your training program starts with short knowledge review, gear set up and confined water session . 


By 11 AM we are ready to take you for your first open water dry suit dive. The Tunnels is the perfect place to gain valuable dry suit diving experience and to refine your skills. 


After 40 minutes long dive and short debriefing you are ready for your second dive at Twin Caves.


There is a spring of fresh water inside the cave causing HALOCLINE and layer of cold water. Using dry suit you'll enjoy a full potential of this remarkable dive site. We know it sounds weird to dive in the sea cave with presence of fresh water but  we are sure you'll have a smile face after finishing  your dive. 


At 5 pm your Try Dry package is done . Congratulations to obtain  PADI Dry Suit Speciality certification.

What you should bring ?


  • Swimwear, sun-cream, towel 
  • Good mood and some good jokes 😂👌😂

Try Dry price & Included  


  • ·        PADI Dry Suit Diver eLearning knowledge development 
  • ·        Confined water Dry Suit training dive
  • ·        Open water Dry Suit training dive at Reef Tunnels
  • ·        Open water FUN Dry Suit dive at cave Twin Caves
  • ·        Boat transfer 
  • ·        PADI Instructor support  
  • ·        Use of full set of SCUBA equipment including dry suit
  • ·        PADI Dry Suit Diver certification 


Try Dry package price is 400 eur 


Why you should Try Dry? 


We are 5 ⭐️ PADI IDC Centre which is an international guarantee in terms of SAFETY  . This offer is going to be supported by PADI professionals in a PERSONALISED manner. That's the reason why we have limited the number of participants up to 6. 


We strongly believe in quality of combining learning with experience. Try Dry package has a full potential to sharp your diving skills in a real life diving circumstances. 


Twin Caves is the one of the best diving sites in Montenegro and it is definitely worth of an extra effort with purpose to experience the cave dive excitement.

SCUBA & Snorkelling in Montenegro with us is Safe and Fun !!!


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