PADI Dry Suit speciality course
03 Mar 2020 03 Mar

PADI Dry Suit speciality course

03 Mar 2020 03 Mar
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Are you ready for the new adventure?

Dry Suit specialty course takes your SCUBA diving to a whole new level. Sharp your buoyancy skills, extend your diving season, dive more places and feel comfortable even diving in cold water.

PADI Dry Suit speciality course at our 5 ⭐️ PADI IDC centre is overseen by Dragasevic Radan  PADI STAFF Instructor  # 971432 . Here you can CHECK HIS STATUS. 


The training program we provide is PERSONALISED, fully in line with PADI standards and supported by highly trained professional.


Special value for the course we offer is eLearning support for your knowledge development. Using PADI® Dry Suit eLearning you can study at your own pace and finish the theory portion just before you come to Montenegro.


We have integrated Diving with Saints dive trip into the Dry Suit training. Practicing dry suit skills while diving two beautiful reef’s makes this course very special. We simply love to combine training programs with dive trips and we have excellent feedback from our students for doing so.


Immediately after you finish the course you will get PADI Dry Suit online certification. 

The PADI Dry Suit speciality course at Pro Dive Hydrotech consists of: 

  1. Knowledge development through PADI® Dry Suit eLearning
  2. Confined water practice
  3. Open water practice ( Diving with Saints dive trip)


With support of PADI® Dry Suit eLearning for your knowledge development the course can be done in JUST 1 DAY.


NOTE - 1 day is the minimum time required to successfully finish your training. If you are a slow pace learner or for any other reason you would like to prolong your training you are more than welcome to do so.


To enrol in Dry Suit course you have to be:

  1. 10 years old. 
  2. Junior OWD certified diver.  
  3. Physically fit and healthy person.

Dry Suit course Plan & Schedule


Purchasing the course through our website you'll get an immediate access to PADI® Dry Suit eLearning and you can start with your knowledge development instantly. 


Arriving in Montenegro in our diving centre after short paperwork you are ready to start with a practical part of your training. 


Confined water practice is the first step we are going make. You will learn many useful things and gain valuable safety experience while diving a shore dive just in the front of our diving centre.


After you successfully complete Dry Suit skills circuit we are going to take you for a boat trip Diving with Saints and fun part is just about to come. Practicing  while diving 2 beautiful reefs is something our students love to do. 


The last step is online certification which we are going to provide immediately after you successfully finish the training.


NOTE  - Our training programs as well as dive trips we provide are PERSONALISED and conducted in small groups.

Dry Suit course price & Included  

  1. PADI® Dry Suit eLearning
  2. Use of SCUBA equipment including dry suit. 
  3. Confined water practice
  4. Open water practice (Diving with Saints dive trip)
  5. PADI Dry Suit certificate 

 Dry Suit speciality course price is 400 eur



What you should bring?

  1. Swimwear, sun-cream, towel.
  2. Good mood and some good jokes 😁😂😁

Why you should get DRY with us?


Because Dry Suit course at Pro Dive Hydrotech

  1. Is PERSONALISED and supported by highly trained and experienced PADI Professional
  2. Is digitally supported with PADI® Dry Suit eLearning
  3. Is integrated with Diving with Saints dive trip
  4. Includes use of SCUBA equipment and Dry Suit certification
  5. Has a superb value


SCUBA diving in Montenegro with us is Safe and Fun

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