PADI OWD Referral
24 Jan 2019 24 Jan

PADI OWD Referral

24 Jan 2019 24 Jan
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Maximise your holiday time with PADI OWD Referral program

PADI Open Water Diver Referral allows you to complete all the knowledge development and pool modules at your local Dive Centre and to conduct OWD open water dives exploring underwater world of Montenegro.


The Referral program at our 5 ⭐️ PADI IDC centre is overseen by Dragasevic Radan  PADI STAFF  Instructor  # 971432 . Here you can CHECK HIS STATUS.


Special value for this offer is that we have integrated dive trip Diving with Saints into the Referral program. Our students love to practice while diving at two beautiful reefs Pyramid & Tunnels.


Immediately after you finish the Referral you will get certified. As an OWD PADI certified diver you can continue to explore new dive sites or proceed with your diving education.

PADI OWD Referral program consists of:

  •             2 shore dives
  •             Diving with Saints dive trip



PADI OWD Referral program can be done in just 2 days (5 hours per day).


To enrol in PADI OWD Referral program you have to be at list 10 years old and you have to poses Referral form issued by your local Diving Centre. 


Training program Plan & Schedule


Arriving in Montenegro in our diving centre, after short paperwork and gear set up you are ready to start with 2 shore dives performing 2 separate training sessions.


Next day you have to conduct 2 boat dives and our plan is to take you for a boat trip to St. Nikola Island. We have integrated dive trip Diving with Saints with the Referral training program so you can finalize your practice while diving 2 beautiful reefs Pyramid & Tunnels.


Your Referral training program ends with your online PADI OWD certification. 


PADI Referral price & Included?


  •             Use of SCUBA equipment
  •             Two shore dives
  •             Diving with Saints dive trip
  •             PADI OWD certificate


PADI Referral program price is 270 eur


What you should bring?


  •             Swimwear, sun-cream, towel .
  •             Good mood and some good jokes 😁😂😁

Why you should do Referral with us?


Because PADI Referral program at Pro Dive Hydrotech 


  •             Is supported by highly trained and experienced PADI Professionals 
  •             Is integrated with Diving with Saints dive trip
  •             Includes use of SCUBA equipment and PADI OWD certificate
  •             It is PERSONALISED training program conducted in small groups.
  •             Has a superb value  


SCUBA diving in Montenegro with us is Safe and Fun

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